JUTZ - catalogues

JUTZ - catalogues

High speed spindles

JUTZ GmbH is an Austrian company that specializes in tool finishing and tool repair. It also offers high-speed spindles for precise use of the smallest routers and engraving tools. You can choose high-speed spindles in versions with standard tapers BT, NT, IT, HSK A and rotations up to 80,000 rpm. Quality manufacturing ensures the accuracy of spindles within 1μm and a long service life.



Prodajni program:

  • Fine processing of surfaces (sandpaper, various files, stones, polishing pastes, rotary cutters)
  • Workplace equipment for polishing
  • Polishing machines with various attachments (electric, pneumatic)
  • Highspeed spindles
  • Small precize clamping collets
  • Air units
  • Sandblasting chambers and various sandblasting media
  • Ultrasonic polishing devices
  • Micromotors


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