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NEUGART - catalogues

Planetary gearbox

The company NEUGART, which started its business in the field of manufacturing watch parts almost 100 years ago, now develops and manufactures planetary gear transmissions and custom gear transmissions for various industrial fields all over the world. Gear transmissions are almost literally the driving force for many industrial fields. NEUGART produces reliable and high-quality gear transmissions, which enabled the family company to enter global markets. A large part of this success can be attributed to NEUGART's focus on manufacturing gear drives using a modular design. This modular design allows NEUGART to offer its customers a solution for all their challenges.



Sales program:

  • Planetary gearbox with output shaft
  • Planetary gearbox with flange
  • Angular planetary gearbox with output shaft
  • Angular planetary gearbox with flange
  • Angular planetary gearbox with hollow axis
  • Planetary gearbox with a hygienic design
  • Planetary gearbox for AGVs


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