LORENZ Messtechnik - catalogues

LORENZ Messtechnik - catalogues

Torque and force sensors

LORENZ Messtechnik offers customers high-precision torque and force sensors that are used in production, development, control or as an excellent teaching aid. The program also includes measuring cells for scales and all associated equipment for processing data obtained from sensors. MB-NAKLO engineers together with the manufacturer Lorenz also offer individual or special solutions, and components for speed control and all other quantities are also available. We offer proper calibration for all devices and sensors. When delivering a new sensor, the customer is always accompanied by a corresponding certificate. All LORENZ products meet very high quality requirements, and due to market demands, LORENZ products are still being improved.


Sales program:

  • sensors and transducers
  • force sensors
  • torque sensors
  • multicomponent sensors
  • sensors for use in weighing technology
  • amplifiers and data archiving and processing systems
  • sensors and system solutions according to the customer's wishes
  • applications based on strain gauges


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