TECNOSPIRO - catalogues

TECNOSPIRO - catalogues

TECNOSPIRO, S.A. is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric threading devices - ROSCAMAT®. They are an indispensable accessory in toolmaking and serial production. They simplify work on workpieces, due to constant parallel guidance for vertical, horizontal, or any set threading angle. They cover a wide range of M2 - M36 threads.

Part of the Tecnospiro company presents 3arm® - ergonomic arms. 3arm are the strongest and most reliable arms on the world market. They are used to assist with assembly, deburring, off-line machining and all types of lifting. They represent the right solution in ensuring the safety and health of employees at work and in achieving high productivity and efficiency.

We offer free testing of the 3arm® ergonomic hand and the Tiger device!



Sales program:

  • electric threading devices (Tiger, Mosquito, Shark, Dragon)
  • pneumatic thread cutting devices (Roscamat 200, 400...)
  • 3arm® ergonomic hands
  • 3arm® manipulator M5
  • a wide selection of accessories (carts, work tables, modules)



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