HAINBUCH - catalogues

HAINBUCH - catalogues

Clamping tools

The family company HAINBUCH, managed by the third generation, is a synonym for clamping technology, as we can connect them with rich experience. Their beginnings date back to 1951. The mission of HAINBUCH is clamping technology, process simplification - improvement and automation. They are carriers of progress and trends for modern and advanced clamping solutions. They represent methods of solving clamping in particularly demanding situations. They are very innovative, we associate them with more than 150 patents and numerous awards. The field of clamping technology covers a very wide spectrum. But for HAINBUCH, this is not a problem, because they find a clamping solution for every workpiece or raw material. Every problem with their customers represents a new challenge for them.

HAINBUCH products can also be rented.


Sales program:

  • Modular clamping systems
  • Special solutions for clamping
  • Chucks
  • Mandrels
  • Stacionary clamping sytems
  • Flexible clamping systems
  • IQ clamping chucks and mandrels
  • Quick change-over systems
  • Zero-point clamping systems
  • Clamping elements
  • Accessories
  • Equipment for multi spindle


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