SCHMIDT Technology - catalogues

SCHMIDT Technology - catalogues


SCHMIDT® Technology is a leading manufacturer of embossing equipment. Thanks to the quality of the products and the rich experience in the most diverse cases of embossing, they are trusted by the world's leading manufacturers from the automotive, aviation and electronic industries, micromechanics and medical technology. Engineers from MB-NAKLO advise customers on choosing the best stamping system, and together with engineers from SCHMIDT® we also develop specific solutions - from simple manual jobs to complete assembly cells. SCHMIDT® also offers complete systems - from idea to implementation.


At MB-NAKLO, we also offer the possibility of research for a specific way of using the press, up to the production of the zero series!

With the DemoBus, we can present a representative sample of SCHMIDT® presses, equipment and the latest innovations in the field.

Sales program:

  • Hand presses
  • Pneumatic presses
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Electric presses
  • Servo presses

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