BIAX - catalogues

BIAX - catalogues

Tools for hand and machine processing

BIAX products have been providing our partners with the right solution for scraping, grinding, brushing, filing, polishing, chopping, engraving and drilling for many years. As representatives for the entire BIAX program, we strive to provide our customers with complete solutions and services in the field of BIAX pneumatic and electric tools and machine tools and ROTO milling cutters made of carbide. For many customers, our technical advice is of great importance when choosing the right solution. Even when supporting projects with special system requirements, we stand for professionalism, reliability and flexibility.

With the BIAX tool, users achieve greater productivity, which is the result of high quality, constant innovation and excellent service.


Before buying, you can try BIAX devices yourself! We provide free rental!



Sales program:

  • Pneumatic and electric hand machines for processing metal and other materials

Grinders, saws, handsaws, chisels, screwdrivers, scrapers, reamers and drills

  • Tools for use on robots and other automatic devices:

Built-in fixed pneumatic turbines for processing with rotary cutters.
Built-in fixed pneumatic turbines for processing with brushes, drills and other tools.
Built-in pneumatic turbines with offset - flexible, adapts to the shape of the workpiece

  • ROTO milling cutters made of carbide

HM cutters, HSS cutters, special tools


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